Hi, my name is Alberto Roldan I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer

I enjoy developing each project with the most suitable tools to achieve the best results. I value clean code and best practices.

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01.About me

Hi, I'm Alberto, an enthusiastic Software Developer but also, an animal lover, passionate explorer and occasional longboard rider.


I first met the magic world of coding during my training in electronics and automation. Back then, I was fascinated by the idea of implementing a series of logic blocks to automate an industrial machine, which made me realise how much I enjoyed solving problems by applying logical thinking and creativity. I have always been curious about technology and especially everything that can be done digitally. I took numerous online courses about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, until I finally joined iO Academy in Bath, to make my passion a profession and become a Full-Stack Software Developer.

During this intensive 16-week Full-Stack course I learnt the fundamentals of coding, became a Certified Scrum Master, and worked with a team to produce projects by using a range of technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Node.js and React among others.


I am passionate about working on meaningful projects which I can be proud to be a part of, and enjoy being part of a collaborative team with nice people; who have a common goal and enjoy each other's company. I would like to develop my current skills and have the chance to learn an array of languages and frameworks. I care about implementing best practices, including TDD, and I would like to learn more about code architecture and different design patterns.


A week after I completed my training, I got my first role as a developer. I worked for a couple of software development agencies until in June 2022 I joined Tillo, as a software engineer. Where the engineering team is in charge to improve and maintain an award-winning API platform. We work in small Agile teams maintaining the high standards of our codebase, integrating to third-party services and APIs, and adding new features to our existing projects.

Recent Projects

Here is a small selection of other projects I have worked on. Some were produced with a collaborative Agile team.

CrankCRM app dashboard

Friday Collective's app


Developing new functionalities, clearing reported issues and bugs and improving existing features by using the latest technologies in both, Back-End and Front-End. My main duties consist in building or modifying models, controllers, routes, migrations and seeders, creating API resources and improving the client-side.

Laravel 8 Vue.js MySQL RESTful API

React App - In progress

Patient Booking System

React app that allows patients to book appointments, with a dashboard for doctors to manage their appointments and patients. Server-side built with Node-Express.js, connects to the database and provides API endpoints. Client-side built in React, fetching data from a RESTful API, using props, and a Router component to switch between pages.

Node.js Express.js React MongoDB
project booking appointment
io academy portal

App in production

iO Academy Portal

With a Scrum team, I worked on both Front and Back-End of the AcademyPortal: the in-house application to manage the academy. It’s built on Slim Framework, and together we fixed bugs and build new features performing unit tests. Access to the admin panel: test@test.com, nickloveslemons.

MVC RESTful API Composer PHPUnit


Game Listing

OOP app that displays a list of PC Games from a MySQL DB previously populated from an API using cURL. App architecture, wireframes and DB structure were signed off by the PO. We used autoloading following PSR-4 standards and successfully unit tested it.

project film quiz
io aptitude test

App in production

Aptitude Test

Added new features and debugged an existing application using a pre-built RESTful API. Fetching data to store and retrieve from the backend API. To see the admin panel: hello@mayden.academy

TypeScript SCSS Handlebars Gulp

JavaScript App

Film Quiz

In this app we implemented fetch to retrieve the data from a JSON file. This game quiz displays movie quotes randomly, and has a scoring accumulator and a countdown time. We also added a hard mode which skips to the next quote every 5 seconds. How many points will you be able to get?

JavaScript Fetch
project film quiz

#.More projects


Database Listing App


RGB Color Game


ToDo List App


Patatap Game


Robert Costa football player


Forma de Fusta Business